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We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.Updated a year ago

At Emerald + Ivy we highly value fun, teamwork, and respect.

We pour into our customers and strive to establish loving connections and relationships with them.

Unfortunately, there are times where lines become blurred and expectations are not met. Which therefore leaves us to make tough decisions on rare occasions. 

Emerald + Ivy reserves the right to discontinue business with anyone, at any time, for any reason.

Reasons for this include but are NOT limited to:

  • Disrespect to our Team

  • Fraud

  • Negativity in/towards our community

  • Threatens our team in any way, shape or form

  • Excess Amount of Returns

  • Challenges our policies regularly

What Happens to the Orders I Placed Before Being Released?

Once the customer is released, they will receive 30 days of grace to submit damages within our Damage Policy’s guidelines and 30 days of grace to return items within our Return Policy's guidelines. 

After 30 days of a customer being released, all customer amenities will no longer apply. 

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Returns

  • Refunds

  • Damages

  • Vendor Warranties

  • Etc.

**If another account is created by a customer we chose to discontinue service with, then that account will be blocked as well. If an order was managed to be made on the new account then all customer amenities will continue to be inapplicable (please see above).**

*E&I reserves the right to alter this policy at any time and will become effective immediately after any alterations.

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