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What is a Mystery bag/Swag bag?Updated 2 years ago

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? You’re at the edge of your seat. What’s going to come? What will happen next? What on earth is in an E+I Mystery Bag?!?

Let me tell you. 😉 

A Mystery Bag is going to contain a random selection of items. But the kicker here is that our system chooses items that you have not ordered yet! 


What about our swagalicious peeps? 😎 Are you in for a total surprise full of stylish items? You will probably get more than you would in a mystery bag, but the gamble here is that you might receive an item that you have already ordered in the past.


Both are beautiful options! There are some parameters to take note of though.

  • Mystery/Swag bags take around 10-14 days to fulfill.

  • Mystery/Swag bags are non-refundable.

  • Mystery/Swag bags may contain shirts, cardigans, accessories, jewelry, and snacks.

  • SOME bags will get bonus items - But not all.

  • Your bag will retail over the value you paid!

  • Please don’t play if you're picky - this is a mystery and 90% of our customers love it - 10% DO NOT like surprises! 

*E+I reserves the right to alter the content and information about Mystery and Swag bags at any time

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