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What Is Loyalty Cashback?Updated 2 years ago

Loyalty Cashback is an amazing opportunity to earn a percentage of your item as store credit! Please keep in mind that only the amount that was purchased with a card or PayPal/Sezzle will be eligible for Cashback. (Store credit is not eligible for Loyalty Cashback). These promotions are only available during the designated time frame determined by our sales team. 

Please be mindful that our cashback promotions do include limitations. 


  • No sale items

  • It is only applicable to a specific collection

  • It is only applicable to specific items such as jeans, jewelry, or tops

If an item associated with Loyalty Cashback is returned (and the Loyalty Cashback was already redeemed on a separate transaction), then the refund amount will be the price minus the cashback they earned on that item. See the equation below for reference:

Equation (Item was $25.00 with 15% cashback promotion):
$25.00 ( total) - $3.75 (cashback)= $21.25 (refund amount)

If you have any questions regarding our Loyalty Cashback policy, then please feel free to contact our customer service team at [email protected].

*E+ I reserves the right to alter and modify Loyalty Cashback policy at any time.

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