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When will you restock?Updated 2 years ago


Some items sell out fast. And we mean fast fast! So, what does E+I do? 
We look into restocking it! 😄 

Unfortunately, we do have to wait until a certain amount of people pre-authorize an item in order to restock it. We also have to check the availability to get it from the vendor. 

If you really, really want that item and don’t want to miss out on getting it when we do restock, then we suggest pre-authorizing it! 


To pre-authorize an item, go to the app and click on the item you wish to preauthorize. 

  • Once you are on the item, select the right color and size that you would like.

  •  At the bottom instead of having the opinion to add the item to your cart, you will have the option to “Add to waitlist”, click on that. You will then have the option to pre-authorize the item and enter your billing information. 

  • Once you have done so, slide to preauthorize. 


🌟 Please note that this is not a payment - it’s more like an auto bill pay - it means when/if the item comes in stock and drops in your cart, you'll get an invoice and the system will auto-pay for it for you! 

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