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Can I add a coupon before/after the discount timeframe?Updated 2 years ago

Can I Add A Coupon Before/After Time Frame?

Our team here at E+I loves to offer coupons, cashback promotions, and even do giveaways!😄  We like to make some of our promotions like little parties! Everyone’s invited!🎉  Once the party is over, however, then everyone must go home... Wait, you are probably already home.😉   What we really mean is that the promotion is no longer available. So, we unfortunately will not be able to apply the code to orders made before/after the promotion’s timeframe. That would not be fair to the people who ordered in the promotion's timeframe, as well as the people that ordered at the same time you did.

But what if it was just before the sale?

If your order was within 30 minutes before the start of the promotion, or 30 minutes after, then please email us at [email protected]. You might still be able to receive the difference as a store credit.

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